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The Goldbergs: What Are Exaggerations

The Goldbergs, just back from their vacation in the Catskills, invite a new acquaintance to dinner, and Jake considers entering into a partnership with their distinguished guest.

The Goldbergs: What Is Marriage?

Molly becomes suspicious of Jake's fidelity when he insists she commission a new hat from his smart and sophisticated female assistant.

The Goldbergs: To Love Is Not So Difficult

Molly and Jake are led to believe they have been too strict raising Rosie and decide to change their approach. However, their new parenting methods don't sit well with Rosie.

The Goldbergs: The Land Lord

When a new landlord takes over the Goldbergs' apartment building, Jake and Molly become advocates for the tenants and demand renovations.

The Goldbergs: All My Cousins

When her neighbors loan their apartment to a young British woman with a troubled marriage, Molly resists meddling in her affairs.

The Goldbergs: Stop, Look and Listen

Molly's cousin believes her ills would be cured if only her single daughter would get married. Molly and all her neighbors happily enlist in the matchmaking effort.

The Goldbergs: Education Before Pleasure

Molly's wealthy uncle loans the family his Florida vacation house, but negotiating the vacation schedule with all the members of the Goldberg family proves difficult.

The Goldbergs: A Dentist Is A Doctor

When Jake's Uncle Sam comes to visit, a feud erupts in the Goldberg household over whether a dentist is a doctor.

The Goldbergs: Anybody Can Learn To Dance

The Goldbergs attend the shoe manufacturer's ball. Unskilled in the art of dancing, Molly feels left out but determined to learn how to rumba!

The Goldbergs: Birds Leave The Nest

Jake and Mrs. Burnett are concerned that Dora and Sammy are getting too serious, but the two sets of parents have ideas about Sammy's future.

The Goldbergs: Music Lover

Molly urges her next door neighbor's daughter to pursue a concert career, but ends up endangering the singer's marriage when her husband wants her to stay at home. Metropolitan Opera star, Regina...

The Goldbergs: Smiles and Diamonds

Molly takes pity on a starving dentist, and the entire Goldberg Family is drawn in when Molly decides to drum up some patients for the young man.

The Goldbergs: Mollys Babysitter

The Goldberg House is in an uproar when Tante Elka's grandchildren come to stay, upsetting Jake but thrilling Molly.

The Goldbergs: Whats In A Name?

When Molly and Tante Elka battle over the name for Elka's new grandchild, family tradition is pitted against practicality. Elka, the sentimentalist, wants the child named for her mother. Practical...

The Goldbergs: The Voice Of Experiance

Mr. Pincus, the proprietor of Pincus Pines, the Gldbergs' Catskills vacation resort, suggests a business venture to Jake. Unhappy with the idea, Molly conspires to halt the plan.

The Goldbergs: Part Of Nature

At Pincus Pines, Molly is busy promoting local romances but Rosalie is bored with her family. She changes her attitude after meeting a young doctor, but Molly unwittingly threatens Rosalie's...

The Goldbergs: Woman To Woman

An attractive divorcee arrives at Pincus Pines, upsetting the other women at the hotel. When Molly assigns Jake to keep the divorcee busy as a favor to Pincus, she soon regrets getting involved.

The Goldbergs: A Change For The Better

Jake and Uncle David make a series of investments on the advice of an impressive guest at Pincus Pines, but soon discover that their financial advisor is not all he appears to be.

The Goldbergs: A Good Mother Or A Bad Wife?

The Goldbergs are at Pincus Pines but it's no vacation when the kitchen help walks out and Molly volunteers to prepare the meals.

The Goldbergs: The Customer Is Always Right

Mr. Pincus' three stepsons want a bigger part in the business affairs at Pincus Pines. When Molly tries to help, she only ends up angering Mr. Pincus.

The Goldbergs: If Its Not One Thing, Its...

Molly returns to New York full of tales of Pincus Pines, but convincing Tante Elka to take a vacation of her own turns out to be tougher than she thought.

The Goldbergs: Whats The Difference As Long...

After one blintz too many at Pincus Pines, Mollty is persuaded to attend a "reducing school" to lose weight but soon finds the culinary temptations at home too hard to resist.

The Goldbergs: Rich But Lonesome

Uncle David excitedly plans a visit to his son's new home in New Rochelle, but after frequently finding himself alone there, he begins to miss the lively atmosphere of the Goldberg's apartment.

The Goldbergs: Some Are Lucky, Some Are Not

Cousin Muttel comes to visit the Goldbergs and asks for a job in Jake's dress factory. Jake knows that Muttel is a bad business man and resists hiring him, but Molly insists.

The Goldbergs: Love YourSelf, The World...

David's friend Moishe is engaged, but the Goldbergs worry that his fianc?e will be his ruin. David determines to save Moishe from this fate by charming the lady himself.

The Goldbergs: Good Ideas Deserve The Credit

Jake and his partner are going to be listed in a Who's Who book of dressmaking. When the men sit down to write their biography, tempers flare over which one of them first thought of the half-size...

The Goldbergs: A Sad Day

On Yom Kippur, the Jewish day of atonement, the Goldbergs attend a synagogue for the solemn Kol Nidre services. Uncle David, however, is upset because his son is absent.

The Goldbergs: Common Sense

Cousin Muttel arrives at Molly's house claiming to have a heart condition. As his stay drags on, the family suspects Muttel of taking advantage of them.

The Goldbergs: The President

Molly finds herself conflicted when she's nominated for president of the Ladies Auxiliary Committee, a position her friend also desires.

The Goldbergs: Moving Day

After the Goldbergs resolve to move from New York City to the suburb of Haverville, Molly must decide what to do with her possessions.

The Goldbergs: A Social Butterfly

After moving to suburban Connecticut, Molly misses the intimacy of the Bronx and struggles to make friends.

The Goldbergs: Picnic

The Ladies of Haverville are suspicious of an attractive widow. Molly,sure of Jake's affection, initially urges her husband to monopolize the woman's time, but soon comes to regret this decision.

The Goldbergs: Beauty Parlor

To try to help a beautician find free time, Molly appeals to the local ladies' sense of style and proves the fashion is fickle.

The Goldbergs: Rosies Nose

Rosie is convinced that her nose is too big and starts saving money for plastic surgery. The family is horrified, so Molly concocts a plot to try to change Rosie's mind.

The Goldbergs: Desperate Man

Two escaped criminals invade the Goldberg home, but Molly believes they are college students and welcomes them.

The Goldbergs: Mollys Dream

When Molly dreams of vacuuming up Jake, Rosie, and Sam, Molly's friend provides an analysis that does not sit well with the rest of the Goldberg family.

The Goldbergs: Brief Encounter

Molly meets an intellectual, lonely widower on the train and, flattered by his attentions, questions her relationship with Jake.

The Goldbergs: Reach For The Moon

Molly goes on a TV game show and must answer questions about a category with which she is intimately familiar- food!

The Goldbergs: Mollys Pocketbook

Molly investigates a theft on an all-night bus trip, only to find herself accused of stealing a fellow passenger's purse.

The Goldbergs: Bad Companions

Uncle David buys a pool table and hooks up with some local pool sharks who take advantage of David's kindness.

The Goldbergs: Die Fledermaus

Molly arranges a production of an opera in Haverville. She goes beyond simply casting community members in the production, however, when she creates a love match.

The Goldbergs: Molly The Juror

Molly serves on a jury and befriends the defendant afterward. Her compassion is put to the test when the acquitted man visits her home and she finds her watch missing.

The Goldbergs: Is There A Doctor In The House?

When Jake's Uncle Sam comes to visit, a feud erupts in the Goldberg household over whether a dentist is a doctor.

The Goldbergs: Seymour Story

A young man eager to escape from the apron strings of his mother moves to Haverville to work for Jake. He soon becomes more interested in Rosie than his Job.

The Goldbergs: Inheritance

Molly's cousin Harold inherits some money, and the family becomes concerned that his beautiful fiance is a gold digger.

The Goldbergs: The Car

The family car breaks down, stranding Molly and Jake during a violent rainstorm. Molly accuses Jake of negligence, sending the family to the auto dealer.

The Goldbergs: Engagement Ring

When Sammy and Dora announce their engagement, Sammy feels pressured to buy Dora an engagement ring.

The Goldbergs: Obituary

When David's death is mistakenly reported in the newspaper, he discovers just how many friends he really has.

The Goldbergs: Simons Maid And Butler

When rich Uncle Simon goes to Europe and sends his servants to work for the Goldbergs, Molly must adapt to an elevated lifestyle.

The Goldbergs: Rosie The Acress

Rosie is cast in a bit part in the local production of a Shakespeare's Anthony and Cleopatra and, much to her father's consternation, considers becoming an actor.

The Goldbergs: In-Laws

When Sammy and Dora begin planning where they will live after their wedding both sets of in-laws mix in and put the couple's love to the test.

The Goldbergs: Davids Cousin

David's cousin, Boojie, promises to take him to Dublin, but when Boojie falls in love it seems like the promise will be broken. Special appearance by Steve McQueen.

The Goldbergs: Boojie Comes Home

In a continuation of a previous episode, Boojie leaves his fiance back in Haverville to travel back to Ireland. When Boojie returns, he finds that David is now his rival for her love.

The Goldbergs: Insurance

Jake and Mendel conspire to buy life insurance without telling their wives. When Jake stays home to rest prior to taking the physical examination, he raises Molly's suspicions.

The Goldbergs: Hobby

Jake takes up painting as a hobby after Molly insists that he's working too hard, but Molly's suggestion backfires as Jake's hobby develops into an obsession.

The Goldbergs: Boyfriend

Rosie starts dating three different boys. Everyone in the family has his or her favorite and tries to convince Rosie to choose that one for her "steady."

The Goldbergs: Mollys Wedding Plans

With Sammy's wedding right around the corner, his mother-in-law and Molly can't help but escalate the size and cost of the wedding.

The Goldbergs: Partners

Jake gets upset with hispartner Mendel when he underrates Jake's intelligence. Jake insisits that the two switch roles in the company, distressing Molly.

The Goldbergs: Girl Scouts

Molly becomes a Girl Scout troop leader but, despite her enthusiasm, the parents and children alike doubt her ability.

The Goldbergs: Molly The Matchmaker

Molly's matchmaking talents are challenged when she introduces her friend to a man who harbors his own matchmaking motives.


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