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Join JLTV as its intrepid team travels by Air Land & Sea to discover the past and present behind Jewish communities around the world. From all four corners of the globe, JLTV uncovers the triumphs and tribulations of the Jewish people.  Hosted by Brad Pomerance.

Congratulations to the "Air Land & Sea" team for winning a Telly for Outstanding Achievement in Travel/Tourism Television. 

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The Jews of Barbados
Basel: Culture Unlimited
Beautiful Basel
The Jews of Cuba
The Jews of Czech Lands
Jews of Germany Today
Gifu, Japan’s Native Son, Chiune Sugihara
Interlaken-Switzerland in a Nutshell
Nevis, Naturally
Jewish Jamaica
Alentejo & the Algarve, Portugal
Center of Portugal
Lisbon, Portugal
Portuguese Sefarad in the 20th and 21st Centuries
Porto, Portugal
Searching Sephardic Spain
Seeing Sephardic Spain
The Jews of Switzerland
Time for Taiwan
U.S. Virgin Islands – No Passport Required
Zermatt - No Matter What

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* Gifu, Japan 

* Malta
* Turkey
* and many more to come!

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