The 19th Maccabiah Games

Highlights from the 19th Maccabiah Games will rerun Saturday-Monday from August 10th-26th at 10:00PM ET/PT

The Maccabiah Games is the third largest sporting event in the world. Nearly 10,000 athletes will compete in the 2013 Maccabiah from over 70 dif­ferent countries.

The principal mission of the Mac­cabiah is to facilitate a worldwide gathering of Jewish athletes in Israel, staging the highest possible levels of sports competitions, and strengthening their connection to the State of Israel and the Jewish people everywhere.

The Maccabiah Games help teach and promote Jewish unity, history, culture and continuity.

JLTV is the exclusive Television provider of the Maccabiah Games in the US, Canada, and all other countries outside of Israel. JLTV understands the importance and impact of the Maccabiah Games and is committed to broadcasting the Games to as many viewers as possible. In 2013, JLTV will bring live coverage of the Maccabiah Games to over 45 million US households and an additional 70 million households internationally. JLTV is supporting and taping a number of first-time participant countries including: Albania, Armenia, Bosnia, Croatia, Cuba, Czech Republic, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia. Other countries that have participated in the games only once or twice and will be spotlighted on JLTV's daily broadcast: Bolivia, Ecuador, Kazakhstan, India, Paraguay and Romania.

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