The Shalom Show with Richard Peritz

Saturdays | 1:30PM ET

The Shalom Show first aired in South Florida on local broadcast stations and is honored to be regarded as the longest running Jewish TV show in the USA. Richard Peritz, the show's host and founder, comments, "It has been a privilege for me to host The Shalom Show since 1979 and I've had the pleasure and honor of interviewing distinguished leaders such as Benjamin Netanyahu, Shimon Peres, Itzhak Rabin and many other Israeli and American leaders in business, education and other fields. 

Whereas the program dwells upon positives and achievements, one cannot ignore the unfortunate reality of regional problems, strife and terrorismand these are covered also, in the hope of promoting a better understanding. As the show's name indicates, one hopes for inspiring and sensible solutions for all, in peace.

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