Power of Kabbalah

Airs Fridays, 5:00PM ET and Saturdays, 2:00AM ET and 2:00PM ET

Kabbalah is ancient wisdom and practical tools for creating joy and lasting fulfillment now. The word "Kabbalah" means different things to different people. In a nutshell, Kabbalah reveals how the universe and life work. On a literal level, the word "Kabbalah" means "receiving." The study of Kabbalah allows us receive fulfillment in our lives.

Kabbalah is an ancient, yet entirely new paradigm for living. The study teaches that all of the branches of our lives' health, relationships and business derive from the same trunk and the same root. Kabbalah provides the technology of how the universe works at the core level. Kaballah offers a whole new way of looking at the world that can connect you to the kind of permanent fulfillment you may be seeking.

Shalom Productions in South Florida is proud to partner with The Kabbalah Centre in Southern California to bring you the information and the tools necessary for you to achieve practical results in your life ... results you can feel.

You will view the actual classes taught in The Kabbalah Centre by its leaders ... Rav Berg, Karen Berg, Chaim Solomon, just to name a few. Now you can learn all about Kabbalah from the comfort of your living room. The first episodes include Power of Kabbalah 1 (classes 1 through 5), Kabbalistic Palm and Face Reading, Kabbalistic Astrology and Zohar Study.

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