Rhythm 'N Ruach

Saturday and Sunday, 5:30AM ET, 8:30AM ET and 11:30AM ET

Join Morah Shelley and Auntie A for Rhythm 'N Ruach.

Ruach רוח in Hebrew means wind. But what comes with wind? Energy and spirit! Rhythm 'N' Ruach is a way to connect children and their families to Judaism through upbeat, high energy music and movement; through participation in music with real instruments, such as, strings, percussion, shakers, tambourines and singing. Rhythm 'N' Ruach offers music classes for children and their families, intertwining Jewish music and rhythm instruments.

Rhythm 'N' Ruach offers fantastic family and youth Shabbat services as well as High Holiday services that are engaging, fun, and of course, educational. Rhythm 'N' Ruach works with schools and other educational venues to teach music with a focus on Middot (character traits). It's a great hands-on tool to connect your child with Judaism.

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