Program Submission Agreement

By completing this form, Producer agrees that it is forever bound by the content of this Program Submission Agreement.

Producer understands that JLTV receives multiple ideas, stories, formats, submissions, proposals and content from many different sources. Consideration of such an idea is not an admission by JLTV of novelty, propriety or originality. Producer acknowledges that JLTV may have under consideration, may have already developed and/or produced or may in the future consider an idea that is similar to Producer's.

Producer agrees that JLTV shall not and shall never be held liable for any content, as that term is most broadly defined, that may be similar to any ideas, stories, formats, submissions, proposals and content submitted herein. Producer will not bring any action, legal, equitable or otherwise, against JLTV for, including without limitation, infringement of copyright, trademark, patent or other intellectual property right. JLTV's willingness to review any submission shall not be construed as creating a partnership, joint venture, or any other relationship. Review of any submission does not guarantee acceptance of that submission. If JLTV notifies Producer that it is interested in the submission, JLTV and Producer acknowledge that the next step is a negotiation, which may or may not be concluded.

Upon submission of any idea, JLTV will endeavor, but is not obligated, to review the proposal. JLTV is not obligated to provide notification if JLTV is not interested in the proposal. If JLTV is interested in the submission, JLTV will contact you by email or telephone.

Jewish Life Television thanks you for your interest in America's Chosen Network, JLTV.

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